We have designed an impact planning and monitoring framework which provides a way to assess the uptake and impact of Global Kids Online work in the short to medium term. It aims to be a systematic but adaptable living tool that allows researchers to plan and monitor their impact. The framework can be adjusted throughout the research to fit country priorities.

The framework allows for planning, tracking, and evaluation of impact throughout the project cycle. The impact matrix was designed, tested, and adapted with the help of our country partners and experts.

It includes two main parts:

  • Impact planning stage: the first part of the framework is designed to assist the planning stage and invites the research team to consider the efforts needed in relation to: necessary inputs, planned activities and outputs, anticipated awareness and reaction, required engagement and participation, and desired impact.
  • Impact monitoring stage: designed as a tool for tracking and recording the actual impact achieved (intended and unintended), the second part of the framework invites the research team to identify the types of impact that have occurred, demonstrate how they have been verified, and reflect on the lessons learned.

Country frameworks can be combined to assess the overall impact of various country efforts, especially when framed by a common strategic vision and opportunities for longer-term scaling up and lesson-learning.

Tools included

Further resources:

Getting started with impact

What is research impact?

Key steps in planning impact

Engaging with stakeholders

Anyone may use the resources under the Attributive Non-Commercial Creative Commons License (CC BY-NC) crediting Global Kids Online as the source.

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