This is an illustrative animation film which can be used by researchers as an example of how they can disseminate findings to child audiences. It can also be used as a resource to show to children with educational purposes. Parents and educators can watch the film with children and use it as a prompt to discuss issues related to internet access, use of devices, online activities and opportunities, risks and safety, and help-seeking.

Developed by the Global Kids Online project, the film is based on research conducted by our partners in Argentina, the Philippines, Serbia, and South Africa. This film is available under a Creative Commons licence and can be used for non-commercial purposes citing Global Kids Online as the source.

The film can be adapted to different languages. This can be done either by adding subtitles (using the YouTube functionality) or by recording the children’s voices and adding them to the version without a voiceover.

The film script can be downloaded here.

This resource can be used alongside the worksheet for children.

We would like to thank Kimi Schafer-Cohen and Tania Patel Ramon for helping us with the production of the film and recording the children’s voices.

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