University of Ottawa, Canada

Dr. Wahida Chowdhury is a cognitive scientist, graduating with a Ph.D. in cognitive science from Carleton University in June 2017. She comes from an educational background in engineering, medicine, psychology, and cognitive science. Her master’s thesis demonstrated how ideas from social cognition could be applied to prevent people from downloading malicious software known as Trojan Horses. Her dissertation research investigated personal, social and situational influences on people’s judgments of online privacy and surveillance. Currently, she is a postdoctoral fellow at the department of criminology at the University of Ottawa, and a sessional lecturer of cognitive science at Carleton University.

Dr. Chowdhury started her research career as a social science research assistant in 2010 when she worked for a project funded by Employment and Social Development Canada to improve Government job websites. Since then she has been working on several research projects from inception to completion for private and public organizations, such as the Department of National Defence of Canada, the Treasury Board Secretariat Canada, Carleton University and the University of Ottawa. Her projects involved developing research proposals, performing literature reviews, designing and conducting surveys and interviews, analyzing results by both quantitative and qualitative statistical methods, conducting archival research, and writing research reports for publication or presentation at national and international conferences.

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