This guide provides a methodological framework for the production of high-quality and reliable statistics to measure children’s access to the internet and practical guidance for administering the Global Kids Online survey.

Authors: Alexandre Barbosa, Marcelo Pitta, Fabio Senne and Maria Eugênia Sózio

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Measuring the impact of digital technologies and devices – particularly the use of the internet – on children’s lives through reliable statistical data is essential to the design of effective public policies to promote children’s rights in the digital age and to protect them online. Policy-makers need high-quality data to underpin evidence-based policy decisions. Although it is clear that reliable statistics are needed for effective policies, and that the impact of evidence-based policies can only be measured by good statistics, most countries lack systematic and comparable statistics on the online risks and opportunities experienced by children.

This Methodological Guide provides a framework for the production of high-quality, reliable statistics to measure access to and use of the internet and digital devices by children. Although this framework is aligned with the good practice of official statistics agencies, it does not replace theoretical and practical guidance or informed expertise on survey methodologies. The proposed framework provides practical guidance for activities related to administering the Global Kids Online (GKO) survey in the field, from planning to implementation.

The guide also includes: a checklist with key steps to consider when planning survey sampling, a number of relevant case studies, and a list of key resources.  

All resources developed by Global Kids Online, including this report, are available under a Creative Commons licence (CC BY-NC) and can be used only for non-commercial purposes and with attribution.

The preferred citation for this report is:

Barbosa, Alexandre, Pitta, Marcelo, Senne, Fabio and Sózio, Maria Eugênia (2016) Survey Sampling and Administration. London: Global Kids Online. Available from:

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