Global Kids Online launched its new research toolkit at the end of 2016 at the Children’s Lives in the Digital Age seminar held at UNICEF Headquarters in New York. We spent the last two years working with research partners, experts, and international advisors to develop a range of quantitative and qualitative research instruments that are now freely available at

The New York launch event at the end of last year initiated a dialogue on how the Global Kids Online research toolkit can enable the many stakeholders responsible for children’s safe and positive use of the internet (governments, civil society and the private sector alike) in formulating policies that are inclusive, balanced and based on solid evidence.  At present the evidence on which such policies can rely is very scarce, especially in the global South. At the global level, such evidence is needed to help build a consensus among international actors on international standards, agreements, protocols and investments in order to make the internet a safer and better place for children. Filling in such gaps, the Global Kids online research toolkit can enable academics, government, civil society and other actors to carry out reliable and standardised national research with children and their carers on the opportunities, risks and protective factors of children’s internet use.

The launch event also announced the key findings from the Global Kids Online pilot research carried out by national research teams in four countries – Argentina, Serbia, South Africa, and the Philippines. The pilot research aimed to test and adapt the research toolkit but it also demonstrated important cross-country differences based on what is available to children in terms of online access, digital technologies, education and support.

gko_when_something_bad_ifgrThe comparative findings are available in the Research Synthesis report and are summarised in the Executive summary.

Highlights are also presented in our recent posts for Parenting for Digital Future, the Conversation, and UNICEF Office of Research – Innocenti.

More information about the research process, approach and how to join Global Kids Online are available at www.globalkidsonline/about

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Post author: Mariya Stoilova

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