UNICEF, Albania

Mersila Ballo is the National Consultant for the programme Safer and Better Internet for Children and Young People at UNICEF Albania. She obtained a BA in Political Science from the University of Turin and an MSc in International Relations and Human Rights from the same University. She worked for 7 years as programme manager in the civil society sector in Albania focusing on child protection, social inclusion, education, human rights, child and youth participation, etc.

Mersila Ballo has an advanced knowledge of lobbying and advocacy, central government outreach and networking, policy development at local and central level. She also has expertise in leading research, tools and advice for different stakeholders, advocating for access to resources and the delivery of services, building capacities for communities, networks, organizations and governments. During the last 10 years Mersila Ballo managed and coordinated several projects on child protection, research, lobbying and advocacy, policy development, antidiscrimination, inclusion, etc.

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