Applied Research and Communications (ARC) Fund, Bulgaria

gapostolov2Georgi Apostolov is a journalist by profession who joined the non-governmental Applied Research and Communications Fund in 2000. Since 2006, he has been coordinating the Bulgarian Safer Internet Centre – part of the European Insafe network and of the International Association of Internet Hotlines INHOPE. A major part of the activities of the Centre is research and evidence-based development of various training materials, methodologies and guidebooks.

Georgi Apostolov is a co-author of the methodology “Prevention of Virtual and Real Violence by Interactive Education in Schools” implemented in more that 150 schools in 7 cities in Bulgaria. He is also the author of a number of guidebooks including: “Risky Behaviour in Internet and Human Trafficking” (on peer education ), “The Other Dictionary for Internet” (for teenagers), “Ten Myths about the ‘Scary’ Internet” (for parents). Georgi Apostolov has been regularly involved in training children, parents, educators, and other professionals.

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